Privacy Policy

The FME Graph is an app capable of showing you information about the graph. When using this app, the information you provide is interpreted using Dialogflow, which has its own privacy policy.

How does the app work?

When you invoke our app or ask us something, your request will be directed to Dialogflow. Then, if Dialogflow detects that your request needs information about the graph to fulfill it, it will make a request to our server, which will access the graph, generate a response and send it to Dialogflow, which will send it back to you. If Dialogflow doesn't need information about the graph, it will directly respond to you.

Information we collect

When asking a question or invoking our app, we collect the information that the Actions by Google API provides us in order to fulfill your request, as mentioned in the previous section. After we fulfill the request, this is the only information that we retain in our servers:

Uses of this information

We use the information that the Actions by Google API provides us to respond back to you. Also, we use the history of queries saved at Dialogflow for the sole purpose of improving the query recognition of the app. Finally, the logs saved in our server are only used to detect potential abuse of our server and attacks such as DoS or DDoS.

How we share this information

We do not share our logs nor the information provided by Dialogflow to us with anyone else. As for the data collected by Dialogflow, check their privacy policy to learn more.

Contact information

You can contact us here: