Privacy Policy for avm99963 extensions in the Chrome Web Store

Translate Selected text

The Translate Selected Text extension allows you to translate a piece of text that you have selected, by right clicking the selected text and clicking the context menu extension option. When doing this, the text you selected will be used for the sole purpose of opening a new Google Translate tab/window which will show you the translation, but the extension will not keep any record of that nor share it with any third party. The use of Google Translate is subject to their Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Your extension options will be saved in your Chrome installation, and synced between all your Chrome browsers if you've enabled sync.

Screen Capture

The Screen Capture extension allows you to take a screenshot of the actual page you're viewing. This is done by clicking the extension's icon in Chrome's toolbar. By doing this, the extension will capture a screenshot and will open a new tab with this screenshot, so you can save it. The extension will not share this screenshot with any third party nor store it anywhere: if the screenshot is not saved to the local drive, it is essentially lost.

Infinite Scroll in TW

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